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51 Round Table Knights
10 64
King Arthur had his story, but what the world didn't know was that wolves were involved to. Unrealistic, literate and active.
52 The Glade
8 85
A new semi-realistic RP with a focus on being engaging and fun for all ages and writing abilities. Members participate in quests, build skills, level, and more!
53 Sacris
7 81
Sacris is a brand-new literate wolf rpg, for all levels of role-players! We provide a welcoming community and a comfortable forum, with a great plotted role-play underway~ Come check us!
54 Where the Wolves Belong
7 99
Semi-Realistic Wolf RP. Two Packs trying to figure out where their Packs belong in the Forest. Site is active, it was created Feb. 19, 2014.
55 Aiyanna's Wishes
6 82
free-reign fantasy wolf rpg with daemons
56 Dominus
5 58
Dominus is a play-by-post, elemental, liquid time, present day, post-apocalyptic wolf roleplay. As a unique, friendly wolf roleplay, we have nearly everything... except you!
57 The Pack`s Fates
5 139
The human race died out, a virus killed most of the wolves & prey as only 2 pack stood strong. Prey is low tension is high and a huge battle is brewing, who will survive?
Semi-realist wolf Rp
5 127
59 The Snowy Blizzard Pack
5 116
A Cold Winter Year for All Pack Members. Wolves Will Risk Their Lives to Keep Warm. Will YOU Survive This Wintery Year?
60 AnY dReAm WiLl Do
4 163
The moon has never shone brighter, the stars sparkle like hundreds of white suns. Every night you wish upon a dream, whether or not it will come true is up to you. You must chose your fate whether it
4 38
The Ties That Bind is a unique fantasy wolf RPG set in apocalyptic times.
62 Wolves Of The Spirit
4 7
A wolf pole play! Join a pack, create a pack, have pups and more! Join us today!
63 Arcane Relics Guild
2 2
Arcane Relics Guild is a fantasy wolf RP, centered on an elusive guild that has unlocked the secrets of elements—fire, water, earth, and air.
64 Land Of The Wolf
2 59
LotW(Land Of The wolf), is a semi realistic wolf rpg. We are located in a land rules by wolves and our ancestors, humans have some how be whipped off of the planet. As we struggle to survive, will you
65 The World of Neinus
2 12
A freeroam Wolf RPG with a completely custom world environment and more!
66 Blood Bound
2 56
When humans are wiped from the face of the plant and only animals remain, who will win? Wolves have been thriving for over a year now since the destruction and are getting more venturous than ever.
67 The lands of the wolves
2 82
The world was wiped out by storms that hit. The year is now 53379. Many animals survived the disaster.
Only a few humans. They must now rebuild civilization . New packs are formed, new....
68 The Dwellers
1 35
Flash forward 50 years into the future and it is 2064. Years before there was an airborne toxin released that left the entire human race staggering to a terrible demise. The animals, however, were left without harm from this toxic virus. They are now livi
69 Dark Illusion Reborn
1 101
A semi-realistic wolf Role-playing site. Dark Illusion Reborn welcomes all newcomers with open arms. Every level of role-player is welcome here.
70 Warriors of Wolves
1 67
A wolf roleplay site where your character can have wings, markings, powers, etc. Our warriors are always looking for new members in our packs!
71 Stargate
1 40
{ new }{ character development based }{ basic - advanced }{ hiring staff }{ unique }
72 The Border Lands
0 3
The Borderlands is a Sci-Fi canine RP set on the planet Pandora, the fictional planet from the Borderlands game series.
73 NWM
0 3
Movie site
74 SBK Studio
0 3
75 Dark Hypnotic Wolves
0 36
We Are Dark, But Not Evil... Hypnosis Is In Our Blood... We Were Born To Live Through Hypnotism... Will YOU Join And Live Through What We Were Born With From The Start Until Today??
76 Wolves Of The Moonlight
0 118
77 Twin Tales
0 96
Twin tales is a brand new elemental wolf Rpg. With power and staff position open, this is a great place to Rp as an Airpack, Earthpack, Waterpack, Firepack, or loner wolf. Come and join the fun here a
78 Children of Moon
0 45
A New Tribal Fantasy Wolf-kin Play-by-Post Roleplay
79 Drug Handbook Online
0 0
Get detailed medication information on Drugs-library. A user friendly drug handbook online can give you all prescription drug information that you need and more. More than 60,000 types of remedies inc
80 Land of Thy Wolves
0 159
The Story
Wolves lived in peace in a land called Randasia. But after several more years, there was tension going around as a drought stretched to the far corners of this beautiful land. They turned on
81 Destinati
0 185
[b]Please keep checking this board as it may change![/b]

Somewhere, on an undiscovered island, far out in the uncharted seas, there are no humans; just an island populated by animals, smarter than th
82 Tears of Pain or Joy?
0 200
Tears of Pain or Joy?

It's your choice...
83 The Rain Pack
0 114
After much dedicated time, TRP has closed and reopened in a version 2! TRPv2 is a semi-realistic wolf RPG with a brand new look. We hope to see you soon!
84 Moon Wolves: Resisters of the Sun
0 81
An amazing wolf rpg! Here you can chat, explore, and MORE!! This RPG was created by a she-wolf named Misheru Sasaki, a black and peach, blue hazel eyed, long tailed wolf!
85 Daskv
0 40
Daskv is a play-by-post, semi-realistic/fantasy, liquid time, advanced, post-apocalyptic wolf roleplay that takes place in Victus. A wonderland of magic where the corpses of the dead rises to conquer.
86 Without Warning
0 11
WW is a semi-realistic, domesticated dog RP. Roleplayers range from new-advanced, and Para/speed rp is accepted. The humans are gone, the dogs now reign. Where will you stand in this apocalyptic world
87 A whole new world(Werewolf shifter role-play_
0 23
hello welcome to A Whole new World, this is an Fantasy Werewolf shifter role-play where everyone is welcomed. :) this is an PG 13 sites so please remember to keep your language to PG 13, no sexual lan
88 moonlight pack
0 51
welcome to moonlight pack, my name is wonder i am the alphess of this pack. we are a very welcoming pack, we welcome wolves small to big to come in our pack and we will have a space for you. but remem
89 Ergaki Travelers Pack
0 14
Ergaki Travelers Is A Semi-Realistic Canine Roleplay Based In Ergaki National Park
90 Wandering Leaves
0 55
Welcome to Wandering Leaves a realistic wolf RPG! We accept ranges from beginners to complete professionals in RP-ing. Never one dull moment! Join today!
91 Wolves Of The Earth
0 57
This fun roleplay site is about the life of a wolf. Learn about them as you Roleplay with others, We are PG 13 and Family friendly. We hope to see you around!
92 Illuminate
0 12
The Celestial Dragons have been ripped from the constellations and stars, forced into weak, mortal bodies, and relying heavily on their own children for protection from what flung them below...
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