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Dominus is a play-by-post, elemental, liquid time, present day, post-apocalyptic wolf roleplay. As a unique, friendly wolf roleplay, we have nearly everything... except you!

Rank Site In Out
51 Canis Kingdom
14 64
Canis Kingdom is a brand new semi-literate canine RPG! Four packs rule these territories. Some living under the law of the elite. (We are in need of staff and someone who can make a nice banner! 2-18-
52 Sverige
14 91
Sverige is a PG-13, post-apocalyptic, statted, fantasy wolf RPG set in Sweden. The world is constantly expanding, with the addition of new locations and creatures. There is no word count, easy app.
53 The HOWLS
13 181
The HOWLS is a new fantasy wolf roleplay where the members decide what happens and why. Wolves face pack rivalry as well as troubles with spirits and whatever else the members can come up with.
54 Anthem of the Outcasts
12 86
Anthem of the Outcasts is a roleplay site revolving around wolves. It is to be fun and exciting for everyone who joins. We welcome roleplayers from beginners to advanced.
55 Amarok
12 175
Amarok is a new, literate and realistic wolf role play site! It has three packs to join, Akiak, Yakone, and Sakari. Many top ranks are still open if you wish to be a high rank! Hope you come to check
56 Imporia: Opus Dei
11 108
Welcome to Imporia, a semi-literate+ Quad/bipedal AU werewolf role-play like never before. For many years there was peace between them, but the tides are changing!
57 Land of the Wolf
10 184
Lotw is a fun 13+ fantasy role play RPG site. We have friendly active members as well staff! Join us today!
58 Beautiful Creatures
10 113
We all have our beauty, we just show it in different ways. War is going on between the animal kingdoms, some fighting for land and food, others for gold and much more! Join us today and see what creat
59 Round Table Knights
10 64
King Arthur had his story, but what the world didn't know was that wolves were involved to. Unrealistic, literate and active.
60 Crystal Lake Pack
10 152
In the land of the crystal lake there are 8 crystals. fire, water, earth, wind, light, dark, ice and lightning. each pack has a crystal, but each is jealous of each others power. What will happen? Pea
61 Otliv
9 1
Otliv is a play-by-post semi-realistic wolf roleplay where players are encouraged to make their own mark on the world of Otliv.
62 The Banishing Winds
8 111
Originally created in 2009, and closed three years later. The Banishing Winds is finally back and looking to make a comeback in the world of semi-realistic Wolf role-playing sites. We are open to all!
63 Revelation Lost
8 7
Multi-animal roleplay for those looking to have a ton of freedom in a friendly new community. D&D inspired stats, quests, guilds, and even demi-god status are all within your grasp!
64 The Glade
7 85
A new semi-realistic RP with a focus on being engaging and fun for all ages and writing abilities. Members participate in quests, build skills, level, and more!
65 Sacris
7 79
Sacris is a brand-new literate wolf rpg, for all levels of role-players! We provide a welcoming community and a comfortable forum, with a great plotted role-play underway~ Come check us!
66 Aiyanna's Wishes
6 82
free-reign fantasy wolf rpg with daemons
67 Night of the Blood Moon
6 181
Hidden in the shadows is a society of Lycanthropes. There are three main packs that rule the whole United States, each one is equally powerful, and eager for more wolves like you to join their ranks.
68 The Pack`s Fates
5 139
The human race died out, a virus killed most of the wolves & prey as only 2 pack stood strong. Prey is low tension is high and a huge battle is brewing, who will survive?
Semi-realist wolf Rp
69 Dominus
5 58
Dominus is a play-by-post, elemental, liquid time, present day, post-apocalyptic wolf roleplay. As a unique, friendly wolf roleplay, we have nearly everything... except you!
70 Satanio Sataneria
5 147
SS Welcomes all creatures into a friendly Envoiorment. Newbie Friendly, New ideas, Fun and Relaxable. SS Brings everything it can to help you.
71 The Snowy Blizzard Pack
5 116
A Cold Winter Year for All Pack Members. Wolves Will Risk Their Lives to Keep Warm. Will YOU Survive This Wintery Year?
5 125
73 Nightwalkers
5 102
Nightwalkers is a fantasy wolf RP. There are four packs to choose from, or you can be a lone wolf. Gain a power, human form, or even a Guardian!
74 Initium RPG
4 23
Initium is a post-by-post, fantasy role play community. PG-13 site and accepting all levels of experience. Leadership roles available! Join now.
75 » ties that bind
4 38
The Ties That Bind is a unique fantasy wolf RPG set in apocalyptic times.
76 Wolves Of The Spirit
4 4
A wolf pole play! Join a pack, create a pack, have pups and more! Join us today!
77 Tenebrae Apprehendite
4 49
A BRAND NEW realistic wolf RPG. 4 packs to choose from and plenty of openings for new members. High ranks are available for all four packs were also looking for staff.
78 AnY dReAm WiLl Do
4 161
The moon has never shone brighter, the stars sparkle like hundreds of white suns. Every night you wish upon a dream, whether or not it will come true is up to you. You must chose your fate whether it
79 Opulence
3 1
A semi-realistic, wild canine roleplay. We are a mature and relaxed community. Check us out and help us create something amazing and something treacherous.
80 Where the Wolves Belong
3 97
Semi-Realistic Wolf RP. Two Packs trying to figure out where their Packs belong in the Forest. Site is active, it was created Feb. 19, 2014.
81 Overlooked Deception
2 118
A semi-Literate

Semi-Realistic Canine Roleplay.
82 The World of Neinus
2 12
A freeroam Wolf RPG with a completely custom world environment and more!
83 Mystic Wolves Pack
2 8
Semi-realistic wolf rpg. Welcoming all ages and all skill levels of para roleplay. Also looking for good skill level Alliances.
84 Tranquil Darkness Pack
2 10
Semi-Realistic wolf rpg. Welcoming all ages and skill levels of para rp
85 The lands of the wolves
2 81
The world was wiped out by storms that hit. The year is now 53379. Many animals survived the disaster.
Only a few humans. They must now rebuild civilization . New packs are formed, new....
86 The Worst Nightmare Wolves
1 89
We are the worst nightamre of a human...we drink blood...our pack will never be smaller.
87 Broken Shadows Valley Pack
1 89
We are a brand new semi-realistic wolf rpg! We opened on the 29th of September and with new members coming in, high ranks are still available! We do have a 150 word count, but with the activity levels
88 Stargate
1 39
{ new }{ character development based }{ basic - advanced }{ hiring staff }{ unique }
89 Blood Bound
1 55
When humans are wiped from the face of the plant and only animals remain, who will win? Wolves have been thriving for over a year now since the destruction and are getting more venturous than ever.
90 Warriors of Wolves
1 66
A wolf roleplay site where your character can have wings, markings, powers, etc. Our warriors are always looking for new members in our packs!
91 The Dwellers
1 33
Flash forward 50 years into the future and it is 2064. Years before there was an airborne toxin released that left the entire human race staggering to a terrible demise. The animals, however, were left without harm from this toxic virus. They are now livi
92 Land Of The Wolf
1 58
LotW(Land Of The wolf), is a semi realistic wolf rpg. We are located in a land rules by wolves and our ancestors, humans have some how be whipped off of the planet. As we struggle to survive, will you
93 Dark Illusion Reborn
1 101
A semi-realistic wolf Role-playing site. Dark Illusion Reborn welcomes all newcomers with open arms. Every level of role-player is welcome here.
94 The Silver Cavern
0 146
A multi-group fantasy based RP where you can truly etch your name in the sands of time.
95 Destinati
0 184
[b]Please keep checking this board as it may change![/b]

Somewhere, on an undiscovered island, far out in the uncharted seas, there are no humans; just an island populated by animals, smarter than th
96 Wolves Of The Moonlight
0 117
How can you survive in a world where the sun doesn't exist? Where the moon shines forever? Find out by joining Wolves Of The Moonlight a fantasy wolf rp for rpers new and advanced! 
97 Daskv
0 40
Daskv is a play-by-post, semi-realistic/fantasy, liquid time, advanced, post-apocalyptic wolf roleplay that takes place in Victus. A wonderland of magic where the corpses of the dead rises to conquer.
98 Perfected Crusations
0 110
Perfected Crusation is based upon finding paradise. The idea of paradise is to make the world a better place for all animals including yourself. To Bring back the old Better Improved RP
99 NWM
0 3
Movie site
100 Drug Handbook Online
0 0
Get detailed medication information on Drugs-library. A user friendly drug handbook online can give you all prescription drug information that you need and more. More than 60,000 types of remedies inc

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